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Tripp Derrick Barnes

The Artist

Tripp Derrick Barnes is a South Carolina-born, New York City-based multimedia artist working at the intersection of Art, Entertainment and Technology.

Just like a child’s mind, in Tripps’ world, everything is possible. Ever since the loss of his younger brother at age 4, Tripp made his art a transformative process to overcome pain and to tribute life.

Tripp became fascinated with film and Pop Art as languages of the present at a very young age, an act of protesting against forgetting. He found his calling while taking a live drawing class at Savannah College of Art and Design. Following a six-month, sixteen-country backpacking trip–experiencing many of the world’s diverse cultures–he established his studio in New York. Starting life in the film business while collaborating with mentor and artist Dr. Steven Swancoat in the basement of an Upper West Side brownstone.

Tripp’s Pop Art portraits are an act of recognition and preservation along with escapism, placing his subjects in a sort of alternate world. Tripp’s constant work with children as partners of his process informs his use of hues and dripping techniques to create vibrant and unique pieces that express his characters’ personalities. The positive visual energy delivers a universal message of making the viewer trust that even when the world feels heavy, we are empowered to search for the good that still exists.

Tripp’s work has appeared on Good Morning America, TV’s Bravo network and Lifetime’s Project Runway. Outside of TV, Tripp has created portraits for high profile icons and personalities such as Susan Sarandon, Matthew McConaughey, Andy Cohen, Ja Rule, and Drew Brees to name a few.