PopNeoism Team

PopNeoism evolved from Steven and Tripp’s collaborative work over the past year. It was a term that was incidentally coined when trying to describe their modern art work. Its reference is to their combination of abstract expressionism, icons of Pop Art and stencil use of today's biggest street artists.

Over the past year, the two have amassed a large and diverse following, a large portion of which are actively involved in philanthropy and support the two in their efforts to bettering the world through art. While the term Popneoism was coined to describe their new, exciting style of art-making, it has come to encompass the efforts of a growing group of unique, hard working, creative individuals who desire to help Tripp and Steven use art for common good.

Jeffrey R Ayars is an artist, filmmaker and actor with a BFA from Cornell University.  He works for NBC Universal and co-founded the group Cannibal Milkshake Comedy. Inspired by Tripp and Steven's drive, passion, and talent, he quickly decided that their movement needed to be examined from the perspective of a filmmaker (and fellow artist).

Nick Alcenat  is an aspiring artist and fashion editor. He stumbled upon Tripp’s artwork during the beginning and has since beenassisting him and Steven as PopNeoism grows. His knowledge of the fashion world and the current NYC art scene helps the team stay focused with present culture and NYC art exhibitions.

Shelly Decker is a successful sales representative who works in the top rated hospitals in NYC.  Originally from Buffalo, NY, she loves New York City because of the everyday adventure. From Shelly's sales experience, she brings a high level of excitement and enthusiasm necessary to connect the people of NYC with the PopNeoism movement.

Alex Guerrero is a physician based in New York City, specializing in Trauma Surgery. He is the founder of InterTrauma Consulting, a company that provides surgeons for short term assignments including on expeditions, for media opportunities and to be present at high risk events such as combat sports competitions. He is a supporter of the arts, primarily those based in Downtown Manhattan. He is honored to be working with the PopNeoism movement to help it actualize its potential.

Born and reared in South Carolina, Ryan King is currently a resident of New York, serving as Digital Coordinator on Bravo's late-night talk show, "Watch What Happens Live." A graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, King has a longstanding relationship with both fine arts and digital media. With a passion for popular culture, it was only natural that he gravitate towards PopNeoism and the cultivation of its growth as a movement.

Elad (“Eli”) Elrom is a published author, conference organizer, entrepreneur, technology consultant and visionary. In technology, top producer with a solid track records who worked on many enterprise projects from fortune 500 companies such as "Viacom", "HBO", NBC Universal, and Weight Watchers to small startups at different phases. He also co-own an app that connects people with promoters and holds an instructor diving license and in the process of completing a pilot license. He has seen the exponential growth of PopNeoism and is excited to help its cause with his career talents!

David Markus is a creative marketer and business developer, in the medical sector. Growing up with family of artists, and being inspired by art and film. Tripp and Steven's Talent and creativity have motivated him to utilize his own talent, in creative marketing towards their movement.

Matthew Accetta is a Graphic Designer and Photographer with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. He works for Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine in the heart of Midtown. As a colleague of Tripp Derrick, Matthew realized the great potential that Tripp and Steven have together and felt that giving back to the community is one of greatest things you can do in NYC.

Jeff Sternfield has a background in luxury distribution and business development. He is a co-founder at State The Cause, a lifestyle accessory brand that donates 50% of the profits to the charity of the customer's choice. He enjoys art, photography, traveling abroad and giving back. With his understanding for business, charity and art he has joined the PopNeoism family wearing many hats taking care of whatever is needed on the creative and business side of things.

Harris Jacobs, also known as “The Rabbi”, works on Wall Street as a bond trader by day and artistic manager by night.  On a daily basis, he facilitates multi-million dollar transactions in the corporate bond market. After work, he uses his creative insight, playful and raw sense of humor to help navigate Steven & Tripp in creating their artistic manifesto, thus earning himself the beloved title, “The Rabbi”. Coming from a world that is a polar opposite of the Art world (Wall Street), has allowed his mind to be free in his approach to PopNeoism. On a personal front, Harris is an avid golfer, loves dogs and enjoys spending time with his family.